1st Chapter

Like a lot of good things, Yoga New Life was started out of a friendship! 


Clelia and Ines, London based anglified expats from France, were both happily working and busy bringing up their families, but realised that there was another aspect of their life that was yet to be fulfilled. Yoga was their shared passion for many years, and wanting to take it further, this led them both to train independently as vinyasa flow yoga instructors.


They started their teaching vocation by offering classes at their homes - Ines in Maida Vale and Clelia in Wimbledon.


But there was more! Remembering how much fun they had when they used to attend classes, they decided to combine their talents and start teaching together. The ambition of two friends being able to work together, a shared love for cooking and delicious food (don't forget they are both French...:-)), and a love of beautiful places surrounded by nature...


Yoga New Life  was born!

2nd Chapter

But then Yoga New Life has grown and a new Member joined, Elena!

Clelia and Elena met in 2017 on a sailing boat. Clelia was then a guest and Elena was 1st mate on the boat. They got to know each other while on night watch, and discovered their mutual love for yoga and healthy food. Two years later Elena moved to Mallorca with her partner, and Yoga New Life welcomed their very own wonderful and full of beans cook.