Clelia Founder of Yoga New Life Retreats discovered vinyasa flow yoga more than 20 years ago with Mercedes Ngoh, and has never stopped practicing since. She immediately felt the benefits of a regular practice, and has managed to balance her stressful working life with her personal life.  She was able to keep the pain from her life long lower back injury, under control, with a carefully tailormade asana practice. 

But all these physical benefits paled into insignificance compared with the mental impact yoga has had on her. Through yoga, she learned to pause and allow time for reflection, which a busy corporate life didn't allow; create a still mind and appreciate life's basic things. 

She changed her path, became a vinyasa flow yoga teacher and a life coach and has found her own fullfillment.

She strives to deepen her practice and share her passion for life.

Clelia's teaching is very kind as well as challenging and always with a smile :-) 


Ines started dancing at the age of 7, and after training professionally, she  performed in several companies in France and Spain.

She first discovered yoga with her friend Clelia. She was amazed by the physical efforts needed for the practice, and soon realised that yoga was beautifully complementing her dancing, both physically and emotionally. She became hooked and came back to the mat regularly. Having had  four children with the most recent pregnancy being very exhausting with twins, yoga has helped Ines strengthen her body, balance her mind and bringing her a much needed sense of peace to her life.

Her love of yoga grew into wanting to share it with others and became a teacher. With her combined love of dance and yoga, she brings her unique style to the mat in a light hearted way, aiming to help people strengthen and lenghthen their bodies in a peaceful mind.

Ines' playful mood makes her classes as fun as they can be challenging


Elena being Italian grew up following her mother and grandmothers healthy and fully homemade meals, her passion for cooking has therefore become part of her work. Elena works as a professional sailor and she is the main cook on board.

During her travels around the world she learned and experienced many different flavors and cuisines that she is able to mix and propose in an innovative and harmonic way, giving pleasure to the eyes and the mouth at the same time.

Elena believes that all aspects of a yogic practice dedicated to the outer and inner well-being of the body are united through proper nutrition and good daily habits.

 "I deeply believe in the healing power of yoga linked to a wider holistic approach which connects body and mind in a balanced and healthy, happy lifestyle"....... Food photos

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